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DCI Personal Statistics Centre - Unofficial Match History Detail

Richard J Lynch, Magic, Constructed
Your match history within the chosen format follows. The DCI highly recommends that players keep a book recording all their opponents, event dates, and locations. If you believe a match in your play history is incorrect, you may appeal this potential error by completing the online match history appeals form. Please note that you must appeal matches within 6 months of when they took place.
Round  Opponent  Outcome  Rating
01-10-323531, Standard @ Bag O Beans: 10/26/2001 (16K)
4Brandon LynchWin1964
3Don G. Cole IIWin1962
2Unknown 43101043Win1961
1Unknown 42776635Win1959
01-10-323529, Standard @ Bag O Beans: 10/12/2001 (16K)
5Brandon LynchWin1957
4Brent D CornettWin1955
3Brandon LynchWin1953
2Unknown 43101043Win1951
1Brent D CornettWin1949
01-09-323527, Standard @ Bag O Beans: 09/28/2001 (16K)
4Brandon LynchWin1947
3Sael I LugoWin1945
2Anthony l BarrettaWin1943
1Matthew J FerranteWin1941
01-09-323526, Standard @ Bag O Beans: 09/21/2001 (16K)
4Matthew J FerranteWin1938
3Don G. Cole IIWin1936
2Brent D CornettWin1934
1Sael I LugoWin1931
01-09-323525, Standard @ Bag O Beans: 09/14/2001 (16K)
4Unknown 42776801Win1929
3Brent D CornettWin1927
2Sael I LugoWin1925
1Anthony l BarrettaWin1922
01-09-323524, Standard @ Bag O Beans: 09/07/2001 (16K)
4Brent D CornettWin1920
3Matthew J FerranteWin1918
2Brandon LynchWin1915
1Sael I LugoWin1913
01-08-302046, Fri Standard @ Bag O Beans: 08/31/2001 (16K)
4stacy a guyWin1910
3Unknown 42776829Win1908
2Unknown 43101048Win1906
1Brandon LynchWin1904
01-08-302045, Fri Standard @ Bag O Beans: 08/24/2001 (16K)
5Brent D CornettWin1902
4Sael I LugoWin1899
3Brent D CornettWin1897
2Sael I LugoWin1894
1Unknown 42776801Win1892
01-08-302044, Fri Standard @ Bag O Beans: 08/17/2001 (16K)
4Brandon LynchWin1889
3Anthony l BarrettaWin1887
2Sael I LugoWin1884
1Unknown 42776801Win1882
01-07-302028, Wed Standard @ Bag O Beans: 07/25/2001 (16K)
4Robbie CarrWin1879
3Matthew J FerranteWin1877
2Brandon LynchWin1874
1Unknown 43290776Win1871
01-06-288253, Friday Night Magic: 06/29/2001 (8K)
4Ryan J GibsonWin1869
3Matthew J FerranteWin1867
2stacy a guyWin1866
1Unknown 83101035Win1865
01-06-288251, Friday Night Magic: 06/15/2001 (8K)
3Ryan J GibsonWin1863
2Sean RosenbergWin1862
1Matthew J FerranteWin1861
01-05-283010, Friday Night Magic: 05/25/2001 (8K)
3Sean M McCuskerWin1859
2John j LaggesWin1858
1Unknown 23290778Win1853
01-05-283009, Friday Night Magic: 05/18/2001 (8K)
1Unknown 23101054Win1852
01-05-283008, Friday Night Magic: 05/11/2001 (8K)
3Ryan J GibsonWin1851
2Sean RosenbergWin1849
1Sean M McCuskerLoss1848
01-05-283007, Friday Night Magic: 05/04/2001 (8K)
4stacy a guyWin1854
3Sean M McCuskerWin1853
2Sean RosenbergWin1851
1Ryan J GibsonWin1850
01-05-283003, Friday Night Magic: 05/04/2001 (8K)
3Robbie CarrWin1848
2Danielle LynchWin1847
1Jamie l. GreeneLoss1845
01-04-273029, Friday Night Magic: 04/06/2001 (8K)
3Carmine ChirichelloWin1851
2Unknown 73101058Win1849
1Sean M McCuskerWin1848
01-04-273025, Friday Night Magic: 04/06/2001 (8K)
4Justin A PaulusWin1846
3Keith AngleWin1845
2Danielle LynchWin1843
1Robbie CarrWin1841
01-03-263090, Friday Night Magic: 03/23/2001 (8K)
3Unknown 73101058Win1840
2Sean M McCuskerLoss1838
1stacy a guyWin1845
01-03-263085, Friday Night Magic: 03/23/2001 (8K)
4james d durhamWin1843
3Robbie CarrWin1841
2John ChristensonWin1840
1Jason D KimLoss1838
01-03-263089, Friday Night Magic: 03/16/2001 (8K)
5stacy a guyWin1843
4Unknown 73101058Win1841
3Sean M McCuskerWin1840
2Unknown 73101058Win1838
1Unknown 23290778Win1836
01-03-263088, Friday Night Magic: 03/09/2001 (8K)
4stacy a guyWin1835
3Carmine ChirichelloWin1833
2Sean M McCuskerWin1831
1Unknown 23290778Win1829
01-03-263083, Friday Night Magic: 03/09/2001 (8K)
5james d durhamWin1828
4Jason D KimWin1826
3Carmine ChirichelloWin1822
2james d durhamWin1821
1Shane GlennWin1818
01-03-263082, Friday Night Magic: 03/02/2001 (8K)
4Carmine ChirichelloWin1817
3Jason D KimLoss1816
2Robbie CarrWin1820
1Justin A PaulusWin1819
01-02-250544, Friday Night Magic: 02/23/2001 (8K)
4Matthew J FerranteWin1817
3Unknown 33255516Win1815
2stacy a guyLoss1814
1Ryan J GibsonWin1820
01-02-250540, Friday Night Magic: 02/23/2001 (8K)
4Jason D KimWin1818
3Justin A PaulusWin1815
2Carmine ChirichelloWin1813
1Robbie CarrWin1811
01-02-250543, Friday Night Magic: 02/16/2001 (8K)
4Michael GrimmWin1810
3Matthew J FerranteWin1808
2Carmine ChirichelloWin1806
1Robbie CarrWin1804
01-02-250539, Friday Night Magic: 02/16/2001 (8K)
4james d durhamWin1803
3Danielle LynchWin1800
2Michael BelfattoLoss1798
1Justin A PaulusWin1803
01-02-250541, Friday Night Magic: 02/02/2001 (8K)
4stacy a guyWin1801
3Michael BelfattoWin1799
2stacy a guyWin1795
1Matthew J FerranteWin1793
01-02-250537, Friday Night Magic: 02/02/2001 (8K)
4Jamie l. GreeneWin1791
3Robbie CarrWin1789
2james d durhamWin1787
1Unknown 42777193Win1785
01-01-250211, Friday Night Magic: 01/26/2001 (8K)
4Carmine ChirichelloWin1783
3stacy a guyWin1781
2Ryan J GibsonWin1779
1Carmine ChirichelloWin1777
01-01-242889, Friday Night Magic: 01/26/2001 (8K)
4james d durhamWin1775
3Jamie l. GreeneWin1772
2Justin A PaulusWin1770
1Shane GlennWin1767
01-01-250209, Friday Night Magic: 01/12/2001 (8K)
4stacy a guyWin1766
3Jamie l. GreeneWin1764
2Carmine ChirichelloWin1761
1Ryan J GibsonWin1759
01-01-242887, Friday Night Magic: 01/12/2001 (8K)
4james d durhamWin1757
3Robbie CarrWin1754
2Jamie l. GreeneWin1752
1Michael BelfattoWin1749
01-01-242886, Friday Night Magic: 01/05/2001 (8K)
4Robbie CarrWin1745
3Jamie l. GreeneWin1743
2Michael BelfattoWin1741
1Shane GlennWin1736
00-12-236001, Friday Night Magic: 12/08/2000 (8K)
4Jamie l. GreeneWin1735
3Jason D KimLoss1732
2Jamie l. GreeneWin1736
1Megan PetersonWin1733
00-11-230950, Friday Night Magic: 11/24/2000 (8K)
4Jason D KimWin1731
3Jamie l. GreeneLoss1726
2Jason D KimWin1732
1Keith AngleWin1728
00-11-230948, Friday Night Magic: 11/10/2000 (8K)
4Carmine ChirichelloWin1725
3Jamie l. GreeneWin1723
2james d durhamLoss1720
1Carmine ChirichelloWin1726
00-11-226122, Bag O'Beans Tournament: 11/10/2000 (8K)
3Michael BelfattoWin1723
2Jason D KimWin1719
1james d durhamWin1715
00-10-223976, Friday Night Magic: 10/27/2000 (8K)
4Jason D KimWin1712
3Jamie l. GreeneWin1708
2Keith AngleWin1705
1Jamie l. GreeneWin1702
00-10-223974, Friday Night Magic: 10/13/2000 (8K)
4Unknown 42777081Win1699
3Robbie CarrWin1696
2Jason D KimLoss1694
1james d durhamWin1698
00-10-226115, Bag O'Beans Tournament: 10/03/2000 (8K)
4Jason D KimWin1695
3Mary Jo SislerWin1691
2Jamie l. GreeneWin1688
1Megan PetersonWin1685
00-09-216782, Friday Night Magic: 09/29/2000 (8K)
4Justin A PaulusWin1682
3Jason D KimLoss1678
2Unknown 42777133Win1682
1Jamie l. GreeneWin1679
00-09-216780, Friday Night Magic: 09/15/2000 (8K)
4Unknown 27206211Win1676
3Michael BelfattoLoss1673
2Robert MooreWin1676
1Raymond MedeirosLoss1673
00-08-208766, Friday Night Magic: 08/25/2000 (8K)
4Shane GlennWin1678
3David SanterWin1676
2Keith AngleLoss1672
1Jon PhillippiWin1677
00-08-196364, PTQ Chicago - Orlando: 08/12/2000 (32K)
4David W SomersLoss1674
3Rick D Del Rio IIIWin1695
2Jason D. LampbertLoss1684
1Lance GygerLoss1705
00-08-208764, Friday Night Magic: 08/11/2000 (8K)
4Jamie l. GreeneWin1719
3Jason D KimLoss1716
2Mary Jo SislerWin1720
1Justin A PaulusWin1717
00-07-200409, Friday Night Magic: 07/28/2000 (8K)
4Jason D KimLoss1714
3Danielle LynchWin1718
2Jamie l. GreeneWin1716
1Unknown 14635490Win1713
00-07-200407, Friday Night Magic: 07/14/2000 (8K)
4Mary Jo SislerWin1710
3Michael BelfattoWin1707
2David SanterWin1703
1Paul W WhiteWin1700
00-07-200406, Friday Night Magic: 07/07/2000 (8K)
4Robert MooreWin1697
3Mary Jo SislerWin1694
2Chris JamesWin1691
1Shane GlennWin1688
00-06-191485, Friday Night Magic: 06/30/2000 (8K)
3Danielle LynchWin1686
2Chris JamesWin1682
1Unknown 44007639Win1679
00-06-191484, Friday Night Magic: 06/23/2000 (8K)
4John j LaggesLoss1676
3David SanterWin1678
2Keith AngleWin1674
1David DunlapWin1671
00-06-191483, Friday Night Magic: 06/16/2000 (8K)
3John j LaggesLoss1668
2Robbie CarrWin1670
1Justin A PaulusWin1667
00-06-191482, Friday Night Magic: 06/09/2000 (8K)
3Danielle LynchWin1663
2David DunlapWin1660
1Megan PetersonWin1657
00-06-173039, U.S. Open #3: 06/08/2000 (32K)
1matthew r grayLoss1653
00-06-173037, U.S. Open #1: 06/08/2000 (32K)
1Brad H JonesLoss1666
00-06-191481, Friday Night Magic: 06/02/2000 (8K)
4John j LaggesLoss1681
3Unknown 72765850Win1683
2David SanterWin1680
1Shane GlennWin1676
00-05-185074, Friday Night Magic: 05/26/2000 (8K)
3Keith AngleWin1674
2Kenny AllenWin1670
1Megan PetersonWin1667
00-05-185073, Friday Night Magic: 05/19/2000 (8K)
3Mitch LawyerLoss1664
2Keith AngleWin1669
1Robbie CarrWin1665
00-05-185072, Friday Night Magic: 05/12/2000 (8K)
3Keith AngleWin1662
2Robert MooreWin1659
1Chris AngelWin1656
00-05-185071, Friday Night Magic: 05/05/2000 (8K)
4John j LaggesLoss1652
3Robert MooreWin1654
2Kenny ReidWin1650
1Chip GustafsonWin1647
00-04-182119, Friday Night Magic: 04/28/2000 (8K)
3Unknown 24324640Win1643
2Keylan LevineWin1640
1Kevin PumphreyWin1636
00-04-182118, Friday Night Magic: 04/21/2000 (8K)
3Robert MooreLoss1632
2Shane GlennWin1637
1David DunlapWin1633
00-04-182116, Friday Night Magic: 04/07/2000 (8K)
5John j LaggesLoss1630
4Ronald K SmithWin1631
3Robert BoydWin1628
2Tim WojciechowskiWin1624
00-03-170049, Friday Night Magic: 03/31/2000 (8K)
3John j LaggesLoss1620
2Mary Jo SislerWin1621
1John FitzgeraldWin1617
00-03-170047, Friday Night Magic: 03/17/2000 (8K)
3John j LaggesWin1614
2John Walters IIIWin1607
1Keith AngleWin1603
00-03-170046, Friday Night Magic: 03/10/2000 (8K)
3Shane GlennWin1599
2John j LaggesLoss1595
1Mary Jo SislerWin1596
00-02-166655, Friday Night Magic: 02/25/2000 (8K)
1Danielle LynchLoss1592
00-02-166654, Friday Night Magic: 02/18/2000 (8K)
1Robert MooreLoss1596
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