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Madison County Highways

These numbers are not posted at all. Instead their road name is (on 911 signs and/or city street posts). I found this in the Madison County Highway Map I obtained in the Lovejoy Library at SIUE one day.

Some of these county highways are very dangerous. Go here to jump to the dangerous roads section.

Hwy. number

Street Name(s)



Renken Road


Humbert Road

Godrey, Alton


Pocahontas Road


Baumann Road

On Madison/Bond Co. Line


Elm Street



Alby Lane

Alton, Godfrey


Summerfield Road, Marine Road


Praietown Road, Sherry Creek Road


Seminary Road

Alton to Madison/Macoupin Line


Old Poag Road, Wanda Road, Birch Drive


Staunton Road


Moro Road


Quercus Grove Road


Alhambra Road


Ellis Road


Lebanon Road


Lageman Road


St. Rose Road


Pin Oak Road


Meridan Drive

Edwardsville, Glen Carbon


Fruit Road


Dustman Road


Troy-O'Fallon Road


Worden Road, Saunton Road


Seiler Road


Bivens Road


Rockwell Road


Woodburn Road


Pearl Street



Airport Road



Blackburn Road


Sorrento Road


New Douglas Road


New Poag Road


Tolle Lane


Dangerous Roads

There are some very dangerous roads in Madison County. There is either a sharp curve that is not well marked, a narrow section of road, or the road is just prone to accidents.

Humbert Road: This road in Alton/Godfrey has a curve just north of JB Johnson Developmental Center that at night looks sharper than it is. Humbert Road is 4 lanes for a good reason since it is on some hilly countryside. There have been a lot of fatalities on that certain curve over the years.

New Poag Road at Route 111: This is a stoplight that many people challenge everyday. There is not much room to stop on New Poag Road if coming from the west since you're coming off a sharp curve and a railroad crossing. The most common kind of collision here is the rear-ender but I have also seen fatal head-ons here in the past.

Fosterburg Road: Although Fosterburg Road does not have a county highway number, it is built if it does. There are several curves and hills on this road and a head-on collision on this road is not uncommon. Sadly, most of the head-ons are fatal and sometimes multiple fatalities occur here.

Route 111/140 between Cottage Hills and Alton: There is a section of highway where the state had to put up overheads to announce upcoming county-maintained highways due to the high collision rate on this stretch of four-lane highway. These collisions are occasionally fatal. The worst part is at Powder Mill Road when there are shift changes at the Olin Plant. The state had to reconfigure the traffic control devices here to be a level junction at that intersection due to the daily accidents. The intersection at Fosterburg Road is just as bad -- there is almost always a city cop there to enforce the red-light since a lot of people run red lights there.

Route 267: This is a highway were fatalities are uncommon. Because of that, locals want the state to build a new "67 corridor" between Godfrey and Jerseyville and get rid of the level junction of 67/111 and 267 (actually, the Alton Bypass is supposed to get rid of that and then some).

Route 3 at Route 143: This is yet another level junction with a left exit thrown into this mess. The left exit from northbound Route 3 onto westbound 143 usually has wide loads now since those kind of vehicles cannot take 270 into Missouri. To complicate matters -- you got to get through two traffic control devices on 143 (either direction) or southbound Route 3!! The state had to use overhead guide signs to mark this intersection, but in my perspective this intersection should have been a diamond interchange and get rid of that left exit!

Southbound Route 3 to Westbound 270: This is a dangerous on-ramp. This ramp is known for jackknifed and overturned tractor trailer accidents at least once a month. Here's proof from the Alton Telegraph on Wed., Jan. 14, 1998:

Capt. Gene Copper of the Mitchell Fire Department said over the years many truckers have lost control of their vehicles on the curving entranceramps in the I-270 and Route 3 area as they accelerate too quickly.
"There have been two this month and one on the other ramp last month. Over the last 20 years, I couldn't count how many (truck accidents) there have been maybe 60 or 70,'' Copper said.

Route 111 at Chain of Rocks Road: In the past, the pavement of the southbound side of 111 north of Chain of Rocks Road was very rough -- in attempt to wake up sleepy drivers more than to knock cars out of alignment. However, 111 was resurfaced in July 1994 and now that section of roadway is very smooth. It has also gotten dangerous as 111 just becomes 4 lanes just north of the intersection and just south of the intersection is the exits onto 270. In between is Chain of Rocks Road, and this road occasionally has drivers trying to avoid the 270 reconstruction on it. (I have done it before.) Collisions from people running red lights seem to be the common culprit.

Route 143 from Route 157 to I-55: This section of 143 goes through some very sharp, winding curves. Worst yet, you are in a very hilly section of the county and 143 is a two lane highway once east of Edwardsville. The posted speed limit is 45: obey it! (Double if you drive it at night.)

Selier Road: This road is constantly closed for repairs and with much of this road being in a very hilly section of Godfrey and Fosterburg, matters don't help out at all. That section of Selier Road is where numerous fatalities have happened -- and that section of road was rebuilt a few years ago. My mother had long told me to stay off this road at all cause.

Route 4 near Saunton: There is a railroad crossing on Route 4 between I-55 and Saunton that is known for fatal car-train accidents. If one see flashing lights at that crossing -- heed them!

Route 160 just south of the Route 40-143 junction: Never use this section of road. You're going under a railroad overpass in a very hilly and narrow section of road. Instead, take Walnut Ave. to get to Route 40-143 and save some time. A friend of mine taught me that shortcut through Highland when coming from the south on 160.