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The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDiOT) bloopers page

If you think IDiOT wastes your taxpayer money building wasteful roads, then you should see these photos.  (P.S.  You will be laughing your arse off by the end of this site.)  To see the full image, please click on the photo.  Last updated:  11/9/00.

Signage Goofs

Oddity/Blooper. This sign is incorrect as IL 177 ends at US 51 in Irvington.  It does not go to Dix at all -- Dix is out by I-57 off county highways, and IDOT normally don't post destinations for towns not on the state highway's route.  Goof taken 5/98 in Irvington, IL.


Blooper.  If you are going to post cardinal directions for one route, you better post them for all of them.  This would be okay but the problem is that only 127 is a North/South highways.  The other two are east/west.  Goof taken 4/1/00 in Pickneyville, IL.

Blooper.  If you can tell this difference on northbound I-255, you will notice the left BGS is completely in capital letters, which is an no-no on Interstate highways unless that sign was temporary.  Problem is that this sign is permanent.  Goof taken April 1999, and still exists.  However, out of the 5 other signs, 3 of them have been replaced with proper sign capitializtion.


Blooper.  This exit sign photo taken on Westbound 270 at I-255 South exit is obsolete.  It needs to be "Exit 7A" but IDiOT has not gotten around to using "green out".  Taken in April 1999, still exists today.


Blooper.  Read the right panel.  It appears that I-70 totally got the shaft.  Taken in October 2000 in Troy, IL on eastbound I-270.  These signs still exists.  (Actually, the signs in Troy are mistakes or very pathetic, as I-70 markers are missing on a lot of similar signs.)

More proof can be seen in this sign.

Blooper.  This photo was taken on eastbound 70 near Pierron in October 2000.  As you know, IL 143 does not intersect I-70 in Pierron at all.  The IL 143 shield needs to be replaced with an US 40 shield, as US 40 does intersect with I-70 here.  This sign is still standing.

This photo taken in October 1998 proves that IDOT can be lazy in removing obsolete signs, too.  The US 50 shield should have been removed in 1984.  It was standing until early 1999, when it was finally removed.

This photo taken on the eastbound lanes of the Poplar St. Bridge in October 1998 shows that neither MoDOT or IDOT has removed these "TO I-64" shields.  These shields should have been torn down in 1988.  Well, as of January 2000, these signs still  exists.

Oddity/Blooper.  Well, IDOT sometimes put these kinds of signs on state highways.  Problem is that this sign is on a county-maintained highway.  This photo was taken just east of the IL 177/US 51 interchange in Irvington, IL in July 1998.  This photo, while it counts more of an oddity than a goof, still remains.

Blooper.  This photo taken by Rich Carlson near O'Hare Airport on US 12/45 looks like its been done with the Iowa state highway shield.  Problem is that IDOT doesn't use these shields.  Taken sometime in 1998, but replaced with correct signs within a month.

Blooper.  This photo by David Greenberger is an incorrect sign for IL 130.  It looks like the same thing as the last photo, only this time its taken near Urbana, IL in 1999.

Blooper.  This goof is found on southbound I-255 just south of the Horseshoe Lake Road exit.  The problem with this BGS is that the exit number is wrong.  This goof has existed since March 1988 and was corrected in April 2000 with a green-out over the "6".  This photo was taken in March 1998 though it is horrible.

Blooper.  At first you may think the left BGS is correct.  Ok, take an good look on the control cities and the exit numbers.  This photo was taken in October 1998 on northbound I-255 at the Black Lane overpass.


You will need to click on this photo to see the entire thing.  As you know, "Chicago-Indianapolis" is assigned Exit 25A; "St. Louis" for Exit 25B.  This photo was also taken on Northbound I-255 in October 1998, and confirms that the first sign  you see on this highway for the 55/70 exit is a goof.


Blooper.  Another photo by David Greenberger taken along I-57 shows some redundant signage.  This is supposed to be an supplemental signage, but somebody did Kentucky-style supplemental signage as well.  Problem is that IDOT does not do Kentucky-style supplemental signage.

Blooper.  WTF?  The I-72 shield is not needed in this blue guide sign.  Taken by David Greenberger, this location in on westbound I-72 approaching Decatur.


Blooper.  Interstate is 74 miles from here??  Taken by David Greenberger near Sidney, IL.  Actually, the direction was for Interstate 74, but it seems like I-74 was 74 miles from here.


Again, you will need to click on this image to see the entire photo.  This photo was taken on 4/1/00 and this is not an April Fool's Joke played on Route 13/127 just south of Route 152.  Carbondale IDOT district always does construction detour signs like this.  Its apparent that the DE there thinks the current IL highway shields really suck.

When IDOT does exit tabs, they're either on the right side or left side, depending on what side the exit is on.  Problem is that all these guide signs for Mousette Lane from I-255 have the EXIT on the left side, and the exit number on the right side.  This one is incorrect because of it.  They've been standing since 1994 and remain in existence today.


Oddity.  The western end of I-24 shows more of the Carbondale District's pathetic signage.  If you know the I-24/I-57 interchange really well, you should note that the exit numbers are the same ones used on I-57 for its exit with I-24.  As a matter of fact, you will be on mile 44 when you do get on I-57 here.  This exit number needs to be 0 or 1.

Note the left panel has an interesting disclaimer thanks to Kentucky and Tennessee using "St. Louis" as an I-24 control city at one point or another.

Blooper.  It appears that IDOT has forgotten that Fairmont City is South of 55/70, not north.  The IL 203 shield is also much smaller than the kind of shield used on big green signs.  Its the kind of shield used on stand-alone signs.

Why this photo is a goof is that 1. you're in Madison, 2. Fairmont City is south of 55/70 and along Collinsville Road, and 3. there are signs nearby indicating IL 203 south control city is actually Fairmont City.  Takem in May 2000.

Taken from the redundancy department.  IDOT put up new BGS at 55/70 at 64 about 5 months ago.  Problem is that the left half of the BGS on your right is not needed at all, or the I-64 shield and "Louisville" on the right half should be left out of the sign.  To add to this, the Exit 2 tab needs to be on the left half, and a Exit 3 tab needs to be added to the right half.  Taken in May 2000.

You'll have to click on this image to see the point.  The sign for I-64 east is correct; however there is no Exit 3 tab for the sign to the right.  This is another example of poor signage of IDOT's part, and these signs were installed in early 2000.  This photo was taken in May 2000.


Blooper.  It appears that IDOT is trying very hard to reinstate the IL 203 routing on Old Alton Road north of 270, though it has not been the case since 1988.  This sign is found on Old Alton Road just south of 270, and to top matters off the IL 203 shield is much larger and the JCT tab is black on white instead of white on blue.  This photo was taken in May 2000.

Blooper.  Again, it appears that IDOT is trying very hard to reinstate the IL 203 routing on Old Alton Road.  Here is one of the BGS indicating the "multiplex" between 270 and 203, which did exist just to cross some railroad tracks between the Old Alton Road and the IL 203 south exits.

Taken in May 2000, this sign is considered more to be an obsolete oddity than a goof.

Blooper.  Again, similar sign on Old Alton Road, but just north of 270.  It was taken in May 2000, and again it emphasizes that IDOT really is trying to bring back IL 203 north of 270 on Old Alton Road.

Oddity.  Taken on Septeber 13, 1999 by David Greenberger in Champaign, IL.  This sign is an oddity cause 1)white background; 2)shields not symmetical; and 3)arrows are too narrow.  Probably posted by City of Champaign.


Blooper.  More from David Greenberger; this one shows redundancy.  Just a simple "TO I-57" marker is needed here.  Taken on 4/12/00.

Oddity.  Taken by David Greenberger in the Chicagoland area in May 2000.  The I-90 shield is upsidedown, almost blocking the I-94 shield.

Blooper.  Taken on Route 161 in Centralia, IL in August 1999.  Obviously you can see something wrong here:  this sign has been posted upsidedown.

Blooper.  This photo is taken from the "Fatal Error" department.  Snapped in May 2000 on Route 3 just north of 270, it appears that someone didn't proofread this sign too well.  Wood River is obviously two words, not one.

Oddity/Blooper.  This photo will have to be enlarged.  The left sign is in all caps (plus the IL 143 shield is a stand-alone), the center sign has a IL 3 shield too large and the other letters too small; and the right sign has been done european-style, without the cardinal directions.  Taken on Northbound IL 3 in May 2000, this oddity proves that IDOT has some lame signage in the Collinsville District.


Blooper.  Again, this photo will have to be clicked on to see the maximum effect.  This is westbound 143 at Wood River Avenue in Wood River, and obvisouly something is wrong with the sign next to the stoplight in the middle of the photo.  If you made a left turn from there, you would end up on Amoco property and be tresspassing.  That sign hasn't been removed since this photo has been taken in May 2000.

Blooper.  Taken by Mike Steele in June 2000 in El Paso, IL.  Sign is incorrect cause the two shields are in their opposite order.

Oddity/Blooper.  Well, this is what all of these BGS for Southbound IL 255 looked like when IL 255 opened in October 1998.  By May 1999 IDOT put "TO" panels between "SOUTH" and "Interstate 270".  Well they did these edits to all of those signs except for two of them:  Madison Ave at Wanda Road (not pictured), and New Poag Road just west of Wanda Road (pictured).  This photo was taken in August 1999; neither sign has been edited.

Oddity.  This photo taken on IL 48/127 just east of I-55 near Raymond, IL tells all:  two highways that are multiplexed that go in opposite directions.  There are a few oddities like this one across the state.  Photo taken in April 1999.

Blooper/Oddity.  This is taken on westbound I-80 at I-55 by Brandon Gorte.  Apparently, IDOT has forgot one important item:  exit tabs.  Note the unique lighting on the gantrys.


Blooper/Oddity.  Similar signs taken by Brandon Gorte, only that the photo was taken on eastbound I-80 at I-55.


Blooper/Oddity.  This goof is courtsey of Illinois Tollway Authority.  This photo was captured by Brandon Gorte and it is apparent that ITHA has put an stand-alone I-88 shield over an older sign.

Blooper.  The numbers of the US 34 shield are posted in the incorrect manner.  Photo taken by Brandon Gorte at an intersection in the Chicagoland area.


Blooper.  Photo taken in Champaign on University Drive at Neil Street by David Greenberger.  The US 10 shield should be an IL 10 shield.  This blooper may have come from City of Champaign.

Blooper.  Photo taken on southbound 159 in Glen Carbon, IL shows road signs on temporary supports (required because of construction in the area).  Well, the arrows are incorrect for the I-270 shields, and most of the signs at this interchange are made as such.

Oddity.  Unlike the one shown earlier in the page, this sign on westbound 70 at Pierron is correct.  However, IDOT could put a "TO" marker next to the IL 143 shield and "WEST" next to the US 40 shield to really clarify this sign.

Blooper.  Recently, there has been road work on the overpass carrying Route 40 over I-70 in Pierron.  Well, when they did the construction warnings, they gave the wrong cardnial direction banners for Route 40.  This photo was taken in October 2000.

Blooper.  Same problem as the photo on your left.  This photo also taken in October 2000.

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