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Surviving Winter on the St. Louis "Driving Ranges"

Winter driving in St. Louis can be challenging, esp. when winter weather is at its worst.  The weather can be snow, sleet, freezing rain, a mixture of frozen precipiation, or just plain cold rain.  If its just plain cold rain, St. Louisians can simply follow the rules of driving on a rainy Spring or Summer day.  Else, you have to deal with each seperately.

Here are a couple hyperlinks to check road conditions:  Illinois (statewide), Illinois (Metro East), Missouri.

Regardless of the weather, one needs to carry basic supplies in the trunk and/or passenger seat of their vehicle just in case things do go wrong:

What to do in the case of ice

Ice can be one big pain in the you-know-where, especially when it comes to pure ice or freezing rain.  This goes double when either driving in it and/or driving in nightime conditions, as "black ice" is a possibility.  Here are the few tips versus ice and sleet:

What to do in the case of snow

Given my choice between ice and snow, I'd take snow due to two things:  At least snow has traction, and is much easier to drive on than ice.  However, one still must take it slow out there.