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Pope Routes Announced

The St. Louis Police and the St. Louis Archdiocese have announced Pope Routes and Road Closings for January 26 and 27.  The police have requested no traffic on these routes from with the exception from residents, who must possess identifaction in order to enter these certain Pope Routes.  There will be no parking throughout much of downtown St. Louis, as the police chief has requested no parking from "curb-to-curb".  These restrictions may also affect parking garages.

These following route closures will be in effect during the Pope Visit.  So if you must work, please plan accordingly.  For a detailed explanation, view the Postnet map and go to the Archdiocese traffic site.

January 26 and 27 (both days)

January 26, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. January 26 from around noon to before afternoon rush hour (these routes, though in doubt in which one will be taken by the Pope, are ones that commutters should avoid on January 26 during the afternoon hours. January 27 from 3 a.m. to 7 p.m. January 27 in the late-morning/early afternoon hours (these restrictions should last until right after the Pope takes off from Lambert Airport, but please plan routes to avoid these areas as traffic jams can occur)

What if you have to work in Downtown St. Louis on the 26th and 27th?

If you cannot take a Pope Appreciation Day from work, use public transit.  Bi State will operate bus routes on both days, though delays due to congestion is possible.  MetroLink is the best choice, as trains will be running around every 6-7 1/2 minutes during the Papal Visit.  (View the list from postnet for more details.)

Or if that is not possible, be prepared to carry good walking shoes (even if it is against work dress codes) for the potential long walk and dress accordingly to the weather because parking will not be allowed in downtown St. Louis and streets near the Pope Routes on both days.

Other transit agencies near St. Louis may have their plans to deal with the papal visit, so contact them for more details.  The St. Louis Archdiocese will also run busses to carry people in and out of papal events from certain locations.

If you do not work in Downtown St. Louis but must rely on taking I-70 and/or I-170 inside the 270 loop, plan to arrive to work early and leave late, or take alternate routes if possible.  Either way, allow tons of patience while driving.

Several exits from Highway 40, I-70, and maybe I-44/55 will be closed at times during the events even though which ones that will be closed have not been announced.